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In May 1928, Dave Lovie and George Baillie approached Bill Mitting with the idea of forming a Bowling Club in Black Rock. As a result, a Public Meeting with about 40 people present decided to form a Sporting Club to cater for Bowls, Tennis, and Croquet. After another 2 meetings, the Black Rock Bowling, Tennis and Croquet Club was formed, and land purchased in Fern Street for £1200 on a £25 deposit. Work commenced immediately with clearing, ploughing and the laying of two asphalt and two gravel tennis courts.

The tennis courts were opened in September 1928, followed by the bowling green and croquet lawn in January 1929. By September 1929, all 3 sports were being played with a “Tin Shed” as a Clubhouse. (As a requirement for a £1000 overdraft from the National Bank).

In 1976, the Croquet Club was disbanded, the lawn converted to a Bowling Green and the Club became the Black Rock Bowling and Tennis Club.

The Club is one of very few sporting clubs which owns its own land. This puts us in a very strong position, as what we do is determined by the Members subject to normal laws. It is managed by a Board of Management elected from the total membership by the Members. The Club is funded solely by its members.

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