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Being a member of the BRSC gives you the opportunity to play two sports, so do it and capitalise on your money. We invite members to come and learn to play lawn bowls.

The club is very keen to build the numbers in the Bowling Section of the club.

The BRSC has a long history of social and competitive bowls and would love to have members and guests enjoying the facilities on a regular basis.

  • The Club will run regular sessions to learn the game. This open to all members whatever age as this game is a YOUNG PERSON'S game played by older people;

  • A qualified coach/s will be available during all sessions;

  • Bowls will be provided; the only proviso is that flat-soled shoes be worn;

  • The opportunity to play pennant bowls for then Club on Saturday afternoons 1pm - 5pm;

  • Free Club bowls will initially be available, for the lessons & the pennant year if you desire to play.


Come and enjoy the skillful game of lawn bowls on the session days or contact any of the Bowls Section Committee or qualified coaches who all have compulsory WORKING WITH CHILDREN ACCREDITATION.



Our bowls section is a vibrant group of ladies and men (and their families) playing lawn bowls a magnificent A class real grass green.

The club is affiliated with Bowls Victoria.

Throughout the summer months, we play competitive pennant bowls in addition to many social and sponsored events.

We have one mixed 6 a side pennant team – it is in Division 3  Section 8



We have one 7 a side pennant team.

We have one mixed pennant team;

- 1st side is in Division 4 Section 8

Our accredited Bowls coaches will be happy to help you improve your game. Coaching can improve your technique and therefore your enjoyment of this wonderful game! Coaching is free for club members.

bowls close up.jpeg

Bowls coaching enquiries:  E:

Bowls general enquiries: Ray Rutherford 0402 302 621

Ray is a Nationally Accredited Coach and has a current Working with Children Certificate

Ray is available to coach all ages and would love to hear from anyone who wants to give bowling a go!

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