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Non-members bookings

The public are welcome to book and play tennis at Black Rock Sports Club. We are a community Club and welcome all visitors.

You can play on grass (normally all year round) or en-tout- cas. We have 4 of each court surface.

Bookings are essential and the links below will allow you to make a booking and pay in advance.

If you are interested in regular ongoing booking with one or more courts and would like to discuss the option, please ring Alan on 0419004401.



If you make a booking the courts will be open when you arrive. The Club house will also be open and there are bathroom facilities to the west of the tennis club room (just around the corner).

In addition, the bar does not open until 4.30 pm (closed Tuesday and Sunday).

If you forget which court you book, there is a screen beside grass court 5 (in the club building but viewed through a window) showing the days bookings. If someone happens to be playing on your court just ask them to move off as you have a booking.

Please use the links below to book an appropriate court and duration.

En-tout-cas courts (Courts 1 to 4)

The En-tout-cas court nets are always up. Please water the courts after each set in warmer weather.

One hour en tout cas - $25 -

One and half hours en tout cas  $30 -

Two hour en tout cas $35-


Grass Courts (courts 5 to 8)

The nets for the grass courts may not be up.

If they are not up you will find the nets for courts 5 and 6 in a box beside court 5 beside the clubhouse and the posts just above the nets in a cupboard on the verandah.

The nets for court 7 and 8 are in a box at the southern end of those courts in a box (in an open shed) with the poles beside the nets.

One hour grass court booking $40-

One and a half hours $55 -

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