Black Rock Sports Club Tennis court booking Link Page

Welcome! This is the member's only page for tennis court bookings.


1.    Always book a court before playing tennis. 
2.    The courts and clubhouse can be opened by using your membership swipe card or token. Email if you do not have one or have lost your card. 
3.    Please comply with the COVID – 19 restrictions. This means you must record the name and phone number for everyone playing on the day on the sheet located outside the court and use the sanitiser provided. 
4.    There are a number of link options below to use to book – please read the descriptors and pick the most suitable option for your required booking. 
5.    The main links required by members will be the first two - the only difference is the length of time that will be booked for you. The first one books for 90-minutes whereas the second one books for 60-minutes. 
6.    If you wish to book for 2 hours or longer you will need to make two bookings.
7.    Confirmation emails will follow all bookings. Use the links in that email to change or cancel the booking. 
8.    Please cancel a booking if you are not going to use it. 
9.    If you are bringing guests to play, there are different links for making the booking which indicates the amount to be paid. ($10 for one guest and $15 for more than one guest).
10.    Club Social members can book a court through link 5 below at a cost of $18 including any guests. 
11.    Recurring bookings for Club competition or set social days are done by the administrator. Please email requests to

Guidelines (cont...)


12.    Access to night lights. Lights are run off tokens which can be purchased from the bar when open (see the website for times) or from Alan Phone 0413836455. Tokens are $5 and last for 35 minutes. Lights are operated from within the tennis clubhouse via the tokens (equipment is on the wall opposite the refrigerator). 




1.    When you link to the booking system via one of the links below, the system requires you to either select ‘any available’ or pick which court you wish to play on. 
2.    Then select the date you wish to play and the time. 
3.    If say you were using the 90-minute link and you wished to play at 1 pm but 1 pm was not showing as available, one option would be to start again and use the 60-minute booking link (the second link for members). It might then give you the option of playing at 1 pm for 60 minutes, whereas 90 minutes is not available at 1 pm. 
4.    If you can not get a booking at the time you require, it is always worth trying 24 hours before the time in case another appointment has been cancelled or changed. 
5.    If you are having difficulties or think the system could be improved, please email the administrator at or phone Alan on 0413836455.
6.    Bookings with guests can be cancelled or rescheduled. As there is no automated method to reclaim your payment, please reschedule appointments if you need to change the booking. 



Full members only including family members, adults and juniors

1.    Members 90 minutes



Court booking with associated payment
When booking with guests in links 3, 4 or 5 below the booking process will transfer you to Paypal to pay before completing the booking. Once linked to PayPal select the option “Pay with a card” and proceed. Once you have paid the booking will finalise. 


Full members with Guests. 

3.    Member with one guest 90 minutes – (extra $10) 



Social Members

5.    Club Social Members can book a court for 90 minutes for $18

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